Kona Bikes Brand Overview

Kona is a company with a long history of designing innovative bikes.

Their bikes are known for being fun to ride and having a modern frame design.

Over the years, the company has worked to fine-tune their designs to make their bikes some of the highest quality on the market.

Their loyal following enjoys riding their bikes and appreciates the quality craftsmanship that goes into each one.

Are Kona Bikes Any Good?

Kona bikes have been around since 1987 and have earned a reputation for being tough, durable bikes that can take a beating. This means that you can expect your Kona bike to last a very long time. In fact, when compared to other brands, Kona bikes are some of the longest-lasting bicycles on the market.

Additionally, Kona bikes come with a lifetime warranty, which should provide you with some reassurance against any manufacturing defects.

While Kona bikes are known for their durability, they are not necessarily known for holding their value particularly well.  Whether you’re looking for a jump bike, a trail bike, or a downhill machine, Kona has a bike that will suit your needs.

One downside of Kona bikes is that they are generally heavier than other brands, but they make up for it in durability. Kona’s high-end carbon models are among the lightest on the market.

Some riders find that the brand’s suspension system isn’t as efficient as others, although this is hardly an issue with modern shocks, which are highly adjustable.

Although there is a loyal following of Kona bike enthusiasts, the brand is not as widely sought out as some other bicycle brands on the market.

Overall, Kona bikes are a great choice for riders who want a durable, tough bike that can handle anything you throw at it.

Are Kona Bikes Worth The Money?

Many people believe that Kona bikes are very expensive, however they are actually very reasonably priced compared to other companies who offer similar products.

Compared to other bikes with similar features from other companies, the bikes from Kona offer great value.The carbon version of the Process is priced almost as high as similar bikes from other companies, ranging from about $5,700 all the way up to $8,800, but the aluminum version can be found for less than $3,000.

Kona bikes’ reputation for being durable and will last you a long time. In comparison to other brands, these products are among the longest-lasting.

Their lifetime warranty should provide some reassurance against any manufacturing defects.

Overall, Kona Bikes are an excellent investment and are definitely worth the money.

Who Should Not Buy A Kona Bike?

Kona bikes have their own pros and cons but when considering why not to buy a Kona bike these may be a few issues for some.

For riders who are avid users and haul their bikes before riding, Kona bikes have been considered heavier compared to those of their competition.

For someone who is looking for as light as possible, a Kona bike would not be for them.

Other riders have found that the suspension system has not been the most adequate.

Although they have a loyal following, Kona bikes aren’t renowned for holding their value particularly well. Other bikes on the market may be more sought out than the Kona bike.


Kona bikes have been around for many years and they continue to make high-quality bikes that are robust, and function well.

Though Kona isn’t the biggest company, they’re made up of passionate people that love to ride bikes.

They continue to innovate and introduce new design elements to their fleet of bikes and their bikes are made to last, and they continue to be a top choice for many cyclists.

Visist Kona’s website here.

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Image credit: Flickr