Felt Bikes Brand Overview

Felt has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance bicycles since 1991. Felt Bikes were named after Jim Felt who lived in Irvine, California. The company was founded in 1991.

The brand initially distributed its products through Answer Products, but a legal dispute led to its disappearance from the domestic market..

The company was relaunched in 2001 and was acquired by Rossignol Group in 2017. Their bikes are designed for speed and competition, and they have been used to win many races.

They use innovative technologies to create some of the most aerodynamically efficient frames on the market.

Felt offers a wide range of bikes for different riding styles and purposes. Whether you’re looking for a race-ready road bike or a versatile mountain bike, Felt has a bike that will help you reach your goals.

Are Felt Bikes Any Good?

Felt Bikes has distinctive bike technologies that the company takes great pride in. Its bikes are all designed very uniquely, they are aerodynamic and have super-lightweight carbon-fiber frames.

Felt has sponsored teams at the world championship and Olympic events over the years.

This company is generally known for designing bikes that are built for speed. They are the first choice for racers who compete to win, in the categories of  road biking, triathlon, and cyclocross competitions.

Felt road bikes have lightweight and aerodynamic geometries that make them some of the best bikes for racing.

Most of their bikes come with carbon fiber frames, and their disc brakes and drivetrain are also high-end.

Generally, Felt bikes are built for speed, competitions, and for racers who want to place first.

Are Felt Bikes Worth The Money?

Felt bikes are a great option if you are looking for a bike that has great speed.

Thanks to their extra light weight frames, aero bars, and slim aerodynamic wheels, Felt bikes are engineered for a fast pace.

If you are looking for a bike that will take you far with racing, then Felt may definitely be worth the money. Unfortunately, Felt has stopped producing bikes within the categories of mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and fat bikes.

Though a few of these types of bikes can still be found on the market, they have taken their efforts and focused them on racing.

If you are looking for a bike that isn’t strictly for racing, then you might want to look at other places than Felt bikes.

Who Should Not Buy A Felt Bike?

Felt bikes are more for those who are looking for a racing or intense riding experience.

If you want a more casual riding experience, you should get a gravel, commuter, or fitness bike. Concerns that customers have when it comes to Felt bikes are their geometries.

Felt bikes are more so built for pro or experienced riders. So, it takes time for newer riders to get used to handling these types of bikes.

This means that Felt bikes are not recommended for beginners. Even their casual options take time to learn and handle.

Another downside of Felt bikes is that they have stopped making several different types of bikes such as BMX bikes and mountain bikes.

If you are looking for a bike in that category, then a Felt bike may not be a good option.


Felt bikes are some of the best in the business. They are used by some of the top olympians in the world.

They are constantly innovating and evolving their designs to stay ahead of the competition.

In general, Felt bikes are good because they are lightweight and have aerodynamic geometries that make them the best for racing.

If you are looking for a racing bike that will help you take home the Gold, Felt has you covered. So if you’re in the market for a new bike, be sure to check out Felt.

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