Polygon Bikes Complete Brand Overview

Polygon bikes is a huge, international bike brand that has been collaborating with designers from Asia, Europe and North America to create what they believe are world class bikes.

Polygon prides itself on having full control of their manufacturing process, so it means that Polygon can control their processes to create high quality bikes. Polygon has a huge versatility in their range of bikes, offering a wide range of road, mountain or urban bikes that can fit a variety of skills and a variety of budgets.

The company’s core vision is creating an international brand, something that have really succeeded in doing.

History of Polygon

Polygon has been around for over 25 years and in that time has differentiated itself as a global brand that works with designers and riders across the globe. Polygon has its headquarters in Sidoarjo, Indonesia.

Polygons main unique selling point when compared to other bike brands in the market, is that Polygon owns its manufacturing facilities in Indonesia. As the company says, this allows them to control all aspects of the manufacturing process.

They have industry leading painting and assembling facilities, and this control allows them to make sure their products are up to a high quality. Their facilities produce around a million bikes per year.

Polygon is owned by Bike manufacturer PT Insera Sena. Polygon started out by solely selling their bikes in Southeast Asia. Their first big expansion didn’t take place until 2007, when they expanded their distribution into Australia.

The companies next big expansion was into Europe in 2011. Polygon even set up a European headquarters in Germany during their expansion. Polygon finally reached the American market after their most recent expansion in 2014.

Are Polygon Bikes Good

Are Polygon Bikes Any Good?

Polygon does not necessarily market itself on producing the highest quality, top of the market bikes like a Cannondale does. Polygon has a large variety of bikes.

The control over their manufacturing does mean that they have a better understanding of the production of their bikes than another brand might. But to know the quality of their bikes, it is worth looking at the technology involved.

Firstly, the company has integrated carbon fibre into their designs excellently. With the companies ACX carbon providing a strong but lightweight frame to their bikes, it means they are built on a good base.

Polygon also has been able to innovate floating suspension, an idea that means that the suspension is split up between the behaviour of the suspension and the back wheel movement. The separation means that the ride is much more sensitive than some other bikes across the market.

One of the parts of the Polygon bikes which makes it so versatile is that they have an ADG system integrated into all of their bikes. The ADG system allows riders to make small adjustments to their bikes, which can give it a much higher performance.

So overall, Polygon are able to create high quality bikes. Polygon bikes offer cyclists a lightweight design, while maintaining a strong build. The extensive use of carbon fibre in the designs of their bikes provide this, and by controlling their manufacturing process, they can produce a high quality of bikes.

Polygons unique suspension system allows the bikes to be incredibly versatile along all sorts of different conditions. This same suspension also allows the riders to get up to higher speeds, as its excellent design means the bike is less affected by harsh conditions and can perform despite harsh conditions.

Why are polygon bikes so cheap?

Polygon Bikes are generally more affordable than some other brands due to several factors:

  1. Manufacturing location: Polygon bikes are designed and manufactured in Indonesia, which has lower labor and production costs compared to some other countries. This allows the company to offer more competitive prices for their bikes.
  2. Vertical integration: Polygon has a vertically integrated manufacturing process, which means they control most aspects of production, from design to assembly. This allows the company to reduce costs by streamlining processes and minimizing reliance on third-party suppliers.
  3. Economies of scale: As a large bike manufacturer, Polygon benefits from economies of scale, which means they can produce bikes at a lower cost per unit due to the sheer volume of their production.
  4. Direct-to-consumer model: Polygon sells some of its bikes directly to consumers through their online store, bypassing traditional distribution channels and brick-and-mortar retailers. This approach eliminates the need for middlemen, which can lead to lower prices for consumers.
  5. Focus on value: Polygon targets a wider range of consumers by offering more affordable options in their product lineup. They provide a good balance of quality and affordability, aiming to deliver solid bikes at competitive price points.

Most Popular Polygon Bikes

 Collosus DH9

The Collosus DH9 may not have been one of the biggest sellers for the company, but the bike brough worldwide attention to the brand. This was thanks to Canadian Kurt Sorge, who won the 2015 Red Bull rampage on the Collosus DH9.

This was only a year after Polygon had begun selling their bikes in North America, so the brand didn’t really have much recognition among the American market.

Sorges win meant that Polygon got a lot more attention from some of the more professional bikers. Its incredible success in downhill racing mean the bike gained a lot of popularity, and when potential customers looked into the details of the bike, the enviable frame and innovative suspension really attracted many to try out the bike. It was Polygons first major success across the US market

Bromo N8

The Bromo is Polygons most popular mountain bike range, with their newest model being the Bromo N8.

The N8 is an electric bike, which carries an integrated lightweight battery. It is a lot lighter than competitors battery’s.

Of course, on brand with Polygons design, the N8 comes with agile suspension and an incredibly high tech drivetrain. The N8 is incredibly versatile with its suspension, so it can work on different terrains and surfaces.

Reviews of the bike even call it a “ bump eating, trail taming beast”. It shows the excellent quality of the Polygon and the excellent reviews show the bikes quality. Bromo N8 also comes with Shimano drivetrain, which provides incredibly smooth transition while going at speed.

Strattos S8 Disc Brake

The S8 is the newest in the Strattos line, as Polygon advertise it as the leading Road bike amongst the market. Road bikes are of course supposed to be as light as possible, to increase speed.

The S8 weighs an incredible 8.4kg, thanks to the bikes integration of Aluminium and carbon fibre. The bike also has 22 gears, and comes with Shimano brakes. T

he bike has been developed a lot since the S2 came out in 2019, and the newest bike contains state of the art design and manufacturing.

The S8 is not an electric bike, and comes in six different frame sizes. The bikes agility and superb suspension means it has top of the line performance. The bike is priced at £1,899, as with top of the range bikes like this it can be difficult to find stock.

Blend R5

Polygon also provides high quality urban bikes. The Blend R5 is one of the more versatile bikes that Polygon provide, as it being a part of the urban range means it is built for a range of surfaces.

The bike works well on tarmac, gravel or even forest trails. The Blend R5 is built on an Aluminium frame, with rear thru axle for extra stiffness.

The bike has 650B wheels which allow it to run on a slightly lower tire pressure, making it much more comfortable during bumpy roads.

For some lightness to the frame, the bike has a full carbon fibre fork, so in total the bike only weighs 28.44lbs, while still being incredible durable and good off road. It is also relatively cheap when compared to competitors urban bikes.

The R5 costs £1599, which is less than the Trek and Giant equivalent bikes, the Checkpoint ALR 4 and the Revolt Advanced 3. Urban bikes are becoming more and more popular, as that versatility is great for people who use their bikes for commuting and in their free time.

So the Blend R5 provides an excellent option for someone looking to get their moneys worth while still having a bike which is fun to ride and is reliable.

Relic 24

Polygon has also branched out into kids bikes, mainly with their Relic range. The leading bike of that is the Relic 24.

It is a lightweight mountain bike, designed with a lot of the same high quality that the adult ranges are built with.

Much like the adult mountain bike ranges, it contains Shimano shifter as well as a rear derailleur. Polygon maintains it high quality throughout the kids bikes, with the use of carbon fibre clear throughout.

The bike also contains excellent durability, with powerful brakes, grippy tyres and shock absorbing suspension forks. The bike can be relied on by parents, and creates a really enjoyable experience for young riders.

It is still expensive for a child’s bike, but for the expensive price tag, the bike is reliable and extremely safe for young riders

Polygon Bike Price Range

Polygon does not necessarily have the incredibly high prices that some competitors may do, as Polygon offers a range of prices to fit different budgets.

Their large variety of prices means that all sorts of riders can buy, and no matter the prices, they can rely on an incredibly high quality design and production.

Polygons adult bikes range from around $309-$5999, with their mountain bikes being easily the highest prices of any.

The large range of prices make their bikes very accessible to a range of customers.

The junior bikes are slightly more reasonably priced, being a much smaller range of $359-$449.

Considering the brands high quality, the price ranges seem fair and offer new riders an easy way into riding, as well as offering experienced riders high quality bikes with a proven track record for incredibly high performance.

Other Polygon models

Polygon Siskiu T8


Polygon’s bikes

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