A Comprehensive resource guide on cycling

Whether you’re just getting into cycling, or you’re more experienced and looking for a challenge, it can be daunting to find the right information for you. This article will provide you with resources to improve your cycling, no matter your experience.

General Cycling Resources

https://www.cyclinguk.org/ – Cycling UK is a general cycling information website, covering all things related to cycling. The website is incredibly helpful for cyclists of all ranges, and also includes a membership that comes with discounts and even some insurance.

https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/ – British Cycling covers some more of the professional side of cycling, with guides on lots of different parts of cycling. It is also a great place to find events with fellow cycling enthusiasts.

https://www.bicycling.com/ – Bicycling is a great resource for everything to do with cycling. The website has brilliant guides when picking a bike, as well as how to keep your body fit and mobile for cycling.

Cycling Hacks and Tips

https://www.cyclist.co.uk/in-depth/2532/free-and-easy-cycling-hacks-to-make-every-ride-better – A guide by highly rated Cyclist.com that comes with 23 different hacks for making every bike ride easier. These are tips and tricks that can be used at any level to make your bike ride much more enjoyable.

https://www.eurobike.at/en/blog/life-hacks-for-cyclists – This article provides you with four tips that are crucial to keeping your bike in tip top shape, across all the seasons.

https://www.yellowjersey.co.uk/the-draft/beginner-cycling-tips/ – In this article, yellow Jersey has brought together 25 cycling experts, to give a whopping 51 different tips to cycling beginners. A great guide with lots of helpful tips for beginners.

https://www.bicycling.com/skills-tips/g23405891/bike-hacks/ – Bicycling provides an excellently written, 40 different bike hacks that every cyclist should know. These are not just for the beginner; cyclists of any experience should read this guide before their next ride.

Bike Repair and Equipment

https://www.bicycling.com/repair/a20012653/bike-repair-tips/ – This 101-tip guide provides you all the information you need on how to maintain your bike and keep it at optimum performance.

https://trainright.com/the-beginners-guide-to-essential-bike-maintenance-skills/ – Train right provides an excellent beginners guide to how to properly maintain your bike. Good for beginners with some helpful things for the more experienced riders as well.

https://greatist.com/fitness/bike-repair-maintenance-guide#1 – If you are looking for tips on repair instead of maintenance, Greatist provides a great guide for some of the simpler bike repair jobs

Cycling for Newbies

https://www.cyclingweekly.com/fitness/beginner-cyclist-tips-370876 – If you are a beginner, and you want to be more confident as you begin riding, this guide provides 12 helpful tips that can get you off to a fast start in the world of cycling.

https://www.bicycling.com/training/a20027599/how-to-start-cycling/ – If you are just getting into cycling, and looking for exactly how to start, this guide provides exactly the tips and information you’re looking for.

https://www.bikeradar.com/advice/beginners-cycling-tips-25-essential-pieces-of-advice-for-new-cyclists/ – Before you hop on the bike, it’s a good idea to read these 25 essential tips for new cyclists. This guide covers everything from kit, to technique, to bike maintenance.

https://www.active.com/cycling/articles/9-tips-for-beginner-cyclists – If you are looking for a simpler guide when you stary cycling, Active has come up with nine simple tips for beginner cyclists. They are all basic help, but important information for cyclists that have not been out on the bike for a while.

Cycling for Amateur and Pro Cyclist

https://www.cyclingnews.com/teams/ – Cycling news provides you with a complete overview of all of the pro cycling teams competing around the world. Perfect for someone with a big interest in professional cycling.

https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/riderroute – Promising professional riders should check out the rider route, British cycling’s pathway for young riders to reach the dizzying heights of the Olympic team.

https://www.wikihow.com/Become-a-Professional-Cyclist If you are looking to become a professional cyclist, the article linked provides some extremely useful tips and tricks to help you reach that goal.

Cycling Safety

https://www.think.gov.uk/cycle-safety/ The government have provided some incredibly useful guides to how to stay safe while cycling. The guide is something every cyclist should read before heading out on the road.

https://www.sustrans.org.uk/our-blog/get-active/2019/everyday-walking-and-cycling/cycling-safety-for-children – More and more children are getting into cycling, and it can be difficult as parents to give them proper advice if you don’t know what to say. This blog provides excellent safety tips for kids getting into cycling.

https://betterbybike.info/tips-skills-advice/riding-tips/ If you are looking to be safe while cycling across a whole variety of roads, BetterByBike provides an extensive guide on general cycling safety, as well as how to become more away while cycling on the roads.

https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/membership/article/20140102-Road-safety-tips-for-members-0 -Cyclists of any quality need to be reminded about safety. Which is why British cycling providing a guide for its members on exactly how to stay safe when you set off. It has some excellent advice on safety that can be used by any cyclist, n matter the quality.

Trails and Touring

https://www.komoot.com/discover/cycling-routes – Komoot provides the most extensive guide for all of the best touring and trail routes across the UK. It can find the perfect cycling trails wherever you live and is perfect for any level of cyclist.

https://www.timeout.com/usa/things-to-do/best-bike-trails-in-the-US – If you are looking for some of the most adrenaline pumping bike trails in the US, then this list from Timeout is perfect. It provides some of the most scenic bike trails across the US and is perfect for the more experienced riders.

https://www.wanderlust.co.uk/content/best-cycling-trips-in-the-world/ – The best guide for some of the most amazing cycling trails across the world. If you are lucky enough to have the budget to go around the world, you can find some of the best cycling trails across the world in this list.

Cycling Podcasts

https://thecyclingpodcast.com/ – The cycling podcasts provides some pretty incredible stories from across the world, while also running through some of the most exciting cycling topics throughout the world. They also run lots of giveaways, as well as podcasts alongside covering women’s cycling and the technical side of cycling.

https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-bradley-wiggins-show-by-eurosport/id1404437099 – British cycling fans will have fond memories of Bradley Wiggins, having watched the brit win 9 Olympic medals, including five golds. He now does an excellent podcast with Eurosport, where covers a lot of the coverage of major cycling races across the world.

https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/watts-occurring/id1472946465 – Watts Occurring is run by two of Wales most successful cyclists in Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas and current sky cyclist Luke Rowe. It gives excellent insight into the world of professional cycling, that covers some of cycling’s biggest races.

https://www.semiprocycling.com/ – Semi pro cycling is one of the best cycling guides for top quality coaching. They also provide an excellent podcast called the Cycling performance club podcast. It provides a great insight into exactly what it takes to become a professional cyclist. The perfect podcast for any experienced cyclist, looking to continue to improve.

Cycling clubs and Associations

https://www.cyclinguk.org/groups-listing – If you are just getting into cycling and looking to find like minded people in your area, using cycling UKs group listing is incredibly helpful in finding your local cycling club. It is a great tool for new cyclists to get involved in some really fun group rides.

https://usacycling.org/clubs – USA cycling also provides the same service, with a large listing of the countries cycling groups. It is incredibly useful for cyclists looking to meet other cyclists locally.

https://www.bicycleassociation.org.uk/membership/ – Bicycle association is the number one bicycle association in the UK, with representation from some of the UKs biggest companies, bringing together suppliers, retailers and service providers. It brings huge amounts of information on everything in the cycling industry

 Bicycle E-Magazines

https://www.cyclingplus.com/ – Cycling Plus is the UKs number one road cycling magazine and has been for years now. It provides in depth articles on everything to do with road cycling, from cycling routes to touring bikes to help with diets. Cycling plus provides an all-round excellent reading experience for any level of cyclist.

https://www.cyclist.co.uk/news/8412/cycling-electric-issue-2-get-your-copy-now – If you have a more specific interest in the world of electric bikes, then Cycling Electric may be more your sort of magazine. It is completely dedicated to electric bikes and brings more detail than any other cycling magazine when it comes to electric bikes.

https://www.bicycling.com/ – Bicycling has an excellent, in-depth online magazine. It provides some in depth road tests and is really one of the premium online cycling magazines. Bicycling really is able to go into depth on a bunch of different cycling issues and products that you do not really see from any other cycling magazine.

Cycling Maps

https://www.sustrans.org.uk/national-cycle-network – The nationals cycle network shows the UK wide cycling network, that shows all of the paths and routes for cycling. These go through roads and off road and provide the perfect guide for some exciting cycling trails.

https://www.bikemap.net/ – The best worldwide cycling map, Bike map has over 8.6 million bike paths. It is an incredible collection of some of the worlds greatest cycle routes. It is a tool more likely to be useful for the more experienced cyclists.

https://www.opencyclemap.org/ – If you are looking for one of the simpler bike maps, that is exactly what open cycle map provides. It shows the same as any other map, but it provides just simple, but interesting bike routes for cyclists of any experience.