This is a growing list of useful and inspiring links I referred to a lot during the planning phase to select my gear, to learn about other bikers’ experiences and routes, and to look up places and technical details:


  • While Out Riding – Extensive information for my prep phase.
  • The Ride South – Another key resource to prepare myself for the PanAm ride
  • North to North Cycle Tour – Tim and I bumped into each other on an Alaskan road. An amazing project and an impressively strong man.
  • High Lux Photography – Check out Mark’s site for his professional photography and some great blogs.
  • Tales on Tyres – Franzi, Jona and I met in the Peruvian Andes. I love reading their stories.

Bike & Gear

  • Zweirad Bösche – Olaf Bösche and his team gave me excellent advice when selecting the bike and its components. This is the second bike I purchased from his shop. All fits perfectly and has been working very reliably. Thanks again for the continuous support.
  • Idworx Bikes – Travel bikes engineered with an extreme attention to detail, reliability, and low maintenance.
  • Pinion – Fully integrated bicycle transmissions.
  • Chain Reaction Cycles – I used them a few times to get parts or gear shipped from the UK. Works perfectly for North America and is much cheaper than in local bike shops.

Navigation, Maps & Routes

  • BikeMap – Find your perfect bike route. More than 2.8 million bike paths. One of the world’s largest cycle route collection.
  • The Milepost – The Bible of North Country Travel – Even though it caters primarily to motorists there is useful information on infrastructure along the way.
  • Andes By Bike – Extensive resource on maps material covering the Andes of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile.
  • Gaia GPS – Great tool for planning (website) and navigating (app) in the wilderness.

Accommodation & Meeting Locals

  • WarmShowers – The Warm Showers Community is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. You are able to meet amazing people, share your stories, and get a place to sleep in people’s houses or backyard.