Cycling Mistakes | Mistakes Beginners Make

You’ve just got your new bike and you’re learning to ride a bike for the first time. But, first of all, you will need to know some common mistakes that beginner cyclists make, and how to avoid them in the first place. Avoiding these mistakes will keep you comfortable and safe as you ride, as well as save you a little embarrassment. That’s where this list of the most common mistakes comes in handy.

Cycling Mistakes

Top 5 Mistakes Beginner Cyclists Make

Choosing the Wrong Bike

Don’t get me wrong. Choosing the wrong bike can destroy your first impression about riding.
If you just like the speed aspect of riding a bicycle, you will likely want a road bike with high and low gears. With the lightweight design and thin tires, these road bikes are perfect for commuting, racing, and exercise.

If you’re riding along rough roads or are up for an adventure, you should go for a mountain bike with shock-absorption suspension. These bikes can handle all rocks, bumps, and roots. Keep in mind, though mountain bikes are much heavier than a typical road bike and with knobby tires, they will slow you down.

That said, it’s important to go for the right bike that fits your riding needs and your body, which brings us the second mistake.

Not fitting your bike properly

Having a bike that fits perfectly to your body will make your riding comfortable and enjoyable. That’s a key to have a long-term relationship with your bike, otherwise you will say bye to it soon. You can take your bike into your local bike shop to double check or follow this video guide.

Setting unrealistic goal

Riding too fast or too far too soon is one of the most common mistakes that first-time bikers make. Jumping on the saddle and expecting to ride 20 miles can be an unrealistic goal. It’s good to aim high and pass the goals you set, but it’s important to begin with low intensity rides to gradually get in shape and follow a cycling training plan for a specific distance, otherwise you will burn yourself out too early on. Bike around your area, understand your bike, get used to the gears and build from there.

Thinking you need the best bike and the best bike gear

Don’t let the idea of not having the perfect bike gear stop you from riding. As a beginner, passion is the only thing you need along with appropriate kit for your level. Also, don’t try to get the most expensive gear while you still don’t know what really works for you.

Underwear under bib shorts

Never wear underwear under your bib shorts since bib shorts are designed to be worn without underwear. They need to be on your skin to evacuate sweat, protect you from chafing, and provide comfort to your butt and crotch.

Not wearing a helmet

A bike helmet might be not mandatory in many countries but my recommendation for everyone is, always wear a bike helmet no matter where you’re heading. Also, make sure you wear your helmet correctly for safety and aesthetics. It seems silly but there are some clueless cyclists wearing their helmets backwards.