Bikepacking books to Inspire Your Next Cycle Tour

Bikepacking is a relatively new form of riding that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a type of cycling that combines the best aspects of mountain biking and backpacking with the intention of exploring remote areas. Bikepacking books can be useful for those who want to learn more about this new riding as well as for those who are already into it but want to take their knowledge to the next level.

Bikepacking books

There are many books that cover bikepacking, and they vary in length, scope and style. The following list includes some of the best bikepacking books available on the market right now:

My favourite bikepacking books

Bikepacking: Exploring the Roads Less Cycled

Bikepacking is a new trend that encourages people to out the door, explore and see the world by bike. And this book does a great job. It is a catalyst to encourage more people to take up this hobby. It’s a good gravel book with multiple routes in different parts of the world.

This book is not just about bikepacking, but also about exploring and finding your own expeditions. The authors also give everything you need to get started and some handy tips to make the first, 10th or 30th trip better or easier that is probably something useful for everyone in here. You will get inspired by stories tell anecdotes, and details of different geographies, plus beautiful photography.

The book contains varied voices, the depth of knowledge, and useful ‘how-to’ pages for solo, group, etc., bike packing rides.

Overall, this is a great bikepacking book for all cyclists who sometimes venture off the beaten track. The stories it contains are wonderful and a pleasure to read. The book itself is well designed and sturdy.

Bikepacking: Mountain Bike Camping Adventures on the Wild Trails of Britain Laurence Mcjannet – Laurence Mcjannet

This is one of excellent coffee table books on bikepacking and can be a great gift for a dedicated cyclist or wild camper. The book is well written and offers plenty of tips for those who want to go ” wild camping”.

Great clear and very informative read. A great addition to the useful and often referred to collection. The book is very nicely put together and offers great tips and ideas

The trails are clear and well photographed with lots of descriptive elements and photos to help you find your way. The trails include bike packing routes and mounain biking/off road routes. Trips vary from one day to multiple days. The book also contains the OS map. Great trips around the UK but there are very few routes in Scotland and Wales. If you love in the south of England, this book is highly recommended.

Bikepacking England: 20 Multi-day Off-road Cycling Adventures – Emma Kingston

I bought this book because I love getting out into nature on my gravel bike and I love to travel by bike. The book is well-researched, written and photographed. Each route has a little vignette to give you a flavour of the route and includes essential information and advice for routes in the Lake District, Exmoor, Northumberland, and the Jurassic Coast. It also includes all you need: points of interest, accommodation options, beautiful imagery, overview mapping, detailed directions and downloadable GPX files for every track. Plus notes on the essentials such as where to stay, and eat.

The book keeps the whole subject of bikepacking simple. With 20 awesome bikepacking routes all over England, great stories from the trails and stunning photography, this book is an inspiration. For beginner, the book also covers all the basics to get started in bikepacking.

Escape by Bike: Adventure Cycling, Bikepacking and Touring Off-Road, Joshua Cunningham

This is an easy read travelog with a lovely design. You will get inspired by adventures of cycling across Europe and Asia as well as useful hints and tips for newbies and seasoned tourers alike, all built around adventure stories. The story is divided into short articles with opinions on planning, bikes, gear, etc.

I would recommend the book to anyone who want to know more about adventure bikepacking or just want a cycling coffee table book with breathtaking pictures. If you’re looking for advice on bikepacking, consider other options.


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