Raleigh Bikes Complete Brand Overview

Named after a famous street in the UK, Raleigh Bikes Company has been producing exceptional bicycles since 1885. When the company first started, bicycles were considered a luxury item. They were ridden by the rich and well-to-do of the world. But as manufacturing increased, bicycles became available for everyone. In this Raleigh Bikes review, you will learn about the history of the company and the bicycles they produce.


It all began at a little shop on Raleigh Street in 1885. Richard Morris Woodhead and Paul Eugene Angois began the bicycle company in this humble shop after discovering the need so many had for bicycles. Their success led to forming a Private limited company in 1889. One secret to their success was the clever use of the local press which included purchasing ads and running their own newspaper column.

By the turn of the 20th century, Raleigh Bikes were being sold around the world. Starting in 1921, the Reliant Company was formed to create tricycles and motorbikes. This lasted under the ownership of Raleigh Bikes until 1935 when it was acquired by another company. As demand grew for bicycles through World War II and beyond, the company has expanded to meet such needs.

Even though the trend towards motorized bikes grew significantly in the 1950s, the sales of bicycles reached their peak in the late 1970s. The company has also grown and expanded with companies in the US and Japan.

The main focus of Raleigh Bikes has been producing high quality bicycles designed for different types of activities.

Types of Raleigh Bikes

Are Raleigh Bikes Good

There are several different types of bikes that Raleigh has created over its long history. This should not be surprising to discovery in this Raleigh Bikes review as the company has thrived by meeting the needs of its customers. The many different types of bikes include the following.

  • Adventure
  • Classic
  • Electric
  • Ladies’
  • Kids’
  • Mountain
  • Road
  • Urban

The different types of bikes that Raleigh offers uses advanced belt-driven technology rather than traditional bike chains. Crafted from polyurethane or carbon fiber, these belts are designed to last longer with less maintenance for a smooth riding experience. In addition, the belts do not grab your pant cuffs and only need a little water to wash away any grime that might build up over time.

For today’s consumer needs, Raleigh Bikes has created an impressive line of electric bikes. These are bikes that provide electric power to the wheels that extends the distance they can be ridden without tiring the rider. What follows is a breakdown of the most popular line of Raleigh Bikes, the electric bike.

Electric Bikes

The electric bikes produced by Raleigh include several different types such as cruisers, mountain, and road. They also produce hybrid electric bikes as well. The emphasis here is on reliability, durability, and affordability as the e-bikes come in as low as $1,700 which is highly competitive in terms of pricing.

The use of Kendra tires, SR Suntour forks, Shimano drivetrains, and Alex rims ensures that the electric bikes run smoothly for commuting or recreational riding. What follows are the current line of Raleigh electric bikes

Detour IE: Priced at $2,400, this is arguably the best electric commuter bike in Raleigh Bikes. It is created to withstand the rigors of riding across rough roads and parkland while still being sleek and fast. Powered by a 400Wh Bosh PowerPack battery and 40Nm Bosh Active Line motor, this bike can run up to 50 miles without recharging. The seven gears keep the bike moving while the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes work well in any weather.

Misceo IE: At $1,800 this is one of the most affordable electric bikes in the Raleigh Bikes line, A solid commuter bike, this model offers a rear rack for luggage. Powered by a SR Suntour motor, the 410Wh battery provides plenty of distance at up to 62 miles between recharging.Toss in the large 45mm tires, 8-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and you have one of the best, most affordable electric bikes on the road today.

RetroGlide 2.0 IE: Made for comfortable riding, the RetroGlide 2.0 offers an exceptional ride for up to 42 miles between recharging. The 250W Borsh Active Line motor is more than enough to power across the sand on the beach or along gravel roadways. This bike can achieve speeds of up to 20mph thanks in large part to the Shimano Tourney gears of which there are seven that are usable for different situations.

RetroGlide Royal: This is the deluxe cruiser e-bike model coming in at $2,600. Fully equipped with everything you need to cruise the town, this remarkable electric bike is powered by a 50Nm Borch 205W Active Line engine and a 500Wh battery that provides up to 53 miles distance between recharging when riding at 20mph. Add to this the Shimano Acere 8-speed groupset, Schwalbe Fat Frank tires, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and you have a smooth, comfortable ride that gets you to where you need to be.

Special IE: The lowest price of the electric bike line at $1,700, the Special IE offers an exceptional 8-speed Altus drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and a SR Suntour rear hub motor that powers the bike along at comfortable riding speeds. The 410Wh batter will take you up to 62 miles between recharging. Plus, the bike also comes with lights, kickstand, fenders, and a rear rack for carrying items.

Are Raleigh Bikes Worth the Price?

The answer as you might have guessed in this Raleigh Bikes review is a definite yes. The high quality permeates all the bikes created by the company, meaning that with the competitive pricing you can rely on Raleigh bikes living up to their promises. They are crafted from tough, durable components designed to handle rough roads along with off-road conditions. Plus, their advanced belt technology means you can ride smoothly and with almost no noise that makes for an exceptional riding experience.


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